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Golfarena is a free online golf community and mobile scorecard which allows golfers to enter and manage their golf scores, statistics and handicap online.

Keep score of your game

Record up to six stats (fairways, chips, sands, putts, penalties and score) per hole, and you will gain a complete statistical overlook of your game.

You can conveniently enter the scores while you play with your mobile phone, or alternatively, with your computers web browser after the game.

Based on your scores, the Golfarena will inform your new handicap right after the game along with your brutto and netto score, stableford points and lots of other value adding information of the played game.

Analyze your game

Golfarena will help you develop your game and evolve as a player. Already with just couple of stat values per hole you can already detect the areas in your game that require development, and the areas where you perform well.

Golfarena shows your personal progress in a timeline and indicates, which courses or holes have been especially tough for you with your game style.

You will also be able to compare your results and progress with thousands of other golfers using Golfarena.

The key features of

Score entries

Enter your score to the Golfarena service with your mobile phone while you play or afterwards with your computers web browser. Detect your new handicap, brutto and netto score, stableford points and other statistics real-time.

Maintain your Handicap

Golfarena calculates your EGA and USGA handicap of all the rounds you play. If you like you can have Golfarena take care of handicap updates as an automated service or there is also possibility to manually maintain your handicap.


The more information you enter to the system, the more statistics you can enjoy. For each hole you play, you can easily enter e.g. score, fairway hit, chips, sands, penalties and putts. Golfarena allows you to analyze your personal progress in various areas of the game and make comparisons between the courses you play.

Goal Setting

Set challenging goals for multiple areas in your game such as golf round gross result, amount of putts per green etc. The system will track and report your success in achieving the goals you target.

Organize golf gournaments

Golfarena hosts an innovative Leader Board function, to allow you set up a one round competitions or multi-round tournaments with your golf buddies. Leader board tracks and reports the results and standings automatically.

There are various types of tournament modes that Golfarena allows you to setup and manage. You can choose between 1-5 rounds and game mode can be stroke play, stableford, modified stableford, singles match play, four ball match play or skins.

Social engagement

Golf is an extremely social sport. With Golfarena, you can easily invite your golf buddies to your personal golf community. Inside the community you can share the scorings and game moods real-time and open up a feed channel for your friends to cheer you while you play. You can also use the community service to agree and setup future games with your buddies in a controlled way.

Golfarena is also available on your mobile device!

Golfarena equips you with mobile access to the service. You can completely stop worrying about the papers, and manage your score entries fully with your mobile phone. The information you enter will be automatically and securely stored in Golfarena service.

Keep live scoring, see game and tournament leader boards, play different game formats, set up a tournaments, enjoy both way dialogue with your buddies and various other innovative functions are also included in Golfarena Mobile.

You can access the information you enter with both mobile phone and PC web browser where and when you want.

Golfarena Mobile works with modern smart phones and tablets. You access Golfarena Mobile through your smartphone browser and the app can then be “installed” to your phones home screen.

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